Newest publication from ATANVO:

The book is called 'Access networks for telecommunication'. It is written in German and you can order it directly from us.

As special contribution from ATANVO: Data communication over powerline

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   Opportunities and Risks in a liberalized Power- and Telecoms-Market
   (Manila, Dec. 8th and 9th 2003)

Global project work for PLC

Headquarter of a customer

Taiwan Power
Installation together with customer

Knowledge transfer (Dr. Pu / TPRI Taiwan)
Configuration –
together with partners

Seen here:
Experience in every voltage level

Here: MV-Station
Experience in every voltage level

Here: MV-Station
University of Taipei
In every way flexible with expertise

Modem-test Taiwan
Hotel: 30.9.2003 – 11 AM
Partnerships for Development

A main focus of ATANVO

E.g. here: Coupler by Eichhoff
Power pole – Davao, Philippines
- Enquiry of net conditions
New engineered Software:
WLAN-Coverage Software
Softwaresolution with our partner db&w
Medium Voltage installation aon the Philippines
Newest WLAN-technics for long-distance communication over water in combination with PLC
Transfer point from WLAN to Powerline
Presentation of wireless meter reading - amr - Readtronic

At Meralco/Metering